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General Biology Core Concepts is Vision & Change (for higher education) -- Structure and Function
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View Resource Why are some plants hairy?

A website that contains information, images, and a video about plant hairs or trichomes. This includes an image gallery with examples using different types of magnification and microscopes. The site...

View Resource Plant hairs are called trichomes.

Why are some plants hairy? This video explains the roles of plant hairs and how they help plants adapt to different environments and deter predators.

View Resource Pulp Fiction? The Science of Papermaking

Using claymation, this video illustrates the process by which plant cells make cellulose microfibrils. Important for the structure and support of the plant, human culture has been forever changed by...

View Resource Leaves as Thermometers

Plant morphology reflects evolutionary solutions to environmental constraints. In this experiment, students use this principle to predict the climate at their site. They collect and measure a set of...

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