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Audience is Undergraduate upper division 15-16
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View Resource Ants (Crematogaster nigriceps) feeding on nectar produced by extrafloral nectaries on an acacia plant.

A photo of Crematogaster nigriceps, one of four ants that live on an Acacia species in the central highlands of Kenya. The ant feeds on the nectar produced by the nectaries associated with the...

View Resource An aerial view of experimental clearcut patches in mature pine forest.

This false color infrared image is an aerial view of a landscape that includes several different ecosystem types (depicted by the different degrees of red color). Roads are depicted as light-colored...

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 08: Effects of Aquaculture on World Fish Supply

This report discusses the negative and positive aspects of aquaculture as an alternative to harvesting wild stocks of fish. The report defines aquaculture and describes its recent growth, as well as...

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 07: Nutrient Pollution of Coastal Rivers, Bays, and Seas

This report addresses coastal ecosystem degradation as a consequence of human driven increases in nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Effects on ecological communities such as algal blooms,...

View Resource Issues In Ecology, Issue 06: Applying Ecological Principles to the Management of U.S. Forests

In this report forests are presented as very dynamic ecosystems, and processes such as nutrient cycling, nitrogen saturation, sedimentation, erosion, and forest fragmentation are described....

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