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Ecological Core Concepts -- The science of ecology

Discipline Specific Core Concepts Classifications
History of ecology (3)
Research tools, technology, and innovations (16)
Scientific method and experimental design (27)
Statistical analysis (19)

View Resource A field planted with two kinds of cotton (Gossypium sp): Bt cotton and normal cotton, where the normal cotton acts as a refuge for insects.

Some rows of the field in the photograph contain cotton plants (Gossypium sp) that are genetically engineered to produce a toxin from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). Bt kills insects that...

View Resource A Synthetic Review of Several Major Ecology Textbooks

This article reviews several ecology texts within the categories of neoclassical, modernist, and post-modern approaches. The results of an informal survey of readers of ECOLOG-L (an electronic...

View Resource Acorn Foraging as a Means to Explore Human Energetics and Forge Connections to Local Forests

In this article an unusual ecology laboratory/field exercise is described in which students imagine themselves as a group of indigenous woodland people attempting to gather food stores that will...

View Resource Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery

The Image Gallery is a searchable database that is provided as a complimentary source of high quality digital photographs available from the Agricultural Research Service.

View Resource An Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), one of the world’s most endangered cat species.

The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is a carnivorous mammal that was once common on the Iberian Peninsula, where its preferred habitat is scrub vegetation and Mediterranean woodland. The species...

View Resource Assessing Gains in Undergraduate Students' Abilities to Analyze Graphical Data

The authors of this TIEE Research Paper assessed analytical and graphing abilities in undergraduate students at four colleges and universities. The authors integrated use of graphing and data...

View Resource Attracting Future Ecologists Through a Collaborative, Experiential Undergraduate Program

This article describes the Global Studies Program at Southwest State University. It details the benefits of such a program and the classes it involves.

View Resource Bark scorpion (Centriodes sp.) in the field under a blacklight (UV light)

A bark scorpion (Centroides sp., green in the photograph) is pictured in an oval of ultraviolet light (purple in the photograph), demonstrating a unique method for studying scorpions in their native...

View Resource Basic ecological literacy; a first cut

This article, first published in the Ecological Society of America's Education Section Newsletter (2:4-5), defines basic ecological literacy according to eleven concepts that all students should...

View Resource Campus Ecology at Southwestern University

A course syllabus for upper-level ecology that concentrates on basic principles with a laboratory portion focused on two main activities: small-scale campus garden experiments and an introduction to...

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