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Ecological Core Concepts -- Landscapes and larger scales

Discipline Specific Core Concepts Classifications
Biodiversity patterns at larger scales (13)
Biomes (2)
Global biogeochemical cycles (3)
Paleoecology (1)
Spatial heterogeneity and connectivity (13)

View Resource A mountain scene in Yukon, Alaska depicts how vegetation changes from the base to the top of the mountain due to differences in elevation and topograp

A mountain scene in Yukon, Alaska depicts how vegetation changes from the base to the top of the mountain due to differences in elevation and topography. The base of the mountain is vegetated by...

View Resource An aerial view of experimental clearcut patches in mature pine forest.

This false color infrared image is an aerial view of a landscape that includes several different ecosystem types (depicted by the different degrees of red color). Roads are depicted as light-colored...

View Resource Biofuels: Implications for Land Use and Biodiversity

This report explores the potential impacts on ecology and biodiversity associated with reallocating land use for biofuel production as well as how economics and farm policies may influence the land...

View Resource Dry rivers, vibrant with culture and life: Press release

A press release for an article addressing the benefits of dry river beds. This article also explores how human manipulation of seasonal water sources for land use disrupts the natural cycle necessary...

View Resource Effects of multiple invasive species in experimental aquatic communities

In this exercise, students first work in small groups to collect background information on what mosquitofish and bullfrogs consume and then modify a food web based on that knowledge. Students then...

View Resource Figures Summarizing the Global Cycles of Biogeochemically Important Elements

This article contains graphical illustrations, with accompanying summaries, of global cycling of several important chemicals.

View Resource Grasslands, Rangelands, and Agricultural Systems

This report explores how switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.), a native perennial cellulosic grass, may become the center of biofuel production in some parts of the Great Plains and Midwest. This...

View Resource Growing Plants for Fuel: Predicting Effects on Water, Soil, and the Atmosphere

This report looks at both the grain and cellulose-based “bioenergy landscapes” and review what is known about their biogeochemical impacts. This report will also explore the complexity of factors...

View Resource How Much Water Do We Use?

This short film presents the one of the basic concepts of a hydrologic cycle, a water budget. How much water is there? Where it is and how does it move. For example, how does land use effect the...

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 01: Human Alteration of the Global Nitrogen Cycle: Causes and Consequences

This report presents an overview of how humans have altered the global nitrogen cycle. An introduction to the nitrogen cycle is provided; as well as human induced nitrogen fixation and its impact on...

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