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Next Generation Science Standards (for K-12)

General Biology Competencies Classifications
Analyzing and interpreting data (6)
Asking questions for science (1)
Constructing explanations for science (1)
Developing and using models (2)
Engaging in argument from evidence (3)
Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information (1)
Planning and carrying out investigations (1)
Using mathematics and computational thinking (2)

View Resource Exploring Energy Transformations in Plants

The ability to explain the processes by which plants capture, store and use energy for growth and development is fundamental to understanding bioenergy. In this set of lessons, students investigate...

View Resource Life Cycle Assessment of Biofuels 101

When selecting alternative fuels, it is important to consider the relative advantages and disadvantages of each. This activity asks students to begin to consider the life cycle energy and carbon...

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