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Ecological Core Concepts -- Ecosystems -- Decomposition

View Resource A periodical cicada (Magicicada sp.) molts on the side of a tree after emerging from underground.

A periodical cicada (left) has mostly freed itself from its old exoskeleton (right). The cicada's new exoskeleton is light in color and has not yet hardened. Every 13 or 17 years, periodical cicadas...

View Resource Issues In Ecology, Issue 13: A Synthesis of the Science on Forests and Carbon for U.S. Forests

Forests play an important role in the U.S. and global carbon cycle, and carbon sequestered by U.S. forest growth and harvested wood products currently offsets 12-19% of U.S. fossil fuel emissions....

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 13: Active Teaching on Carbon Dynamics in Ecosystems

All ecology texts include figures showing carbon cycles of various types (terrestrial, marine, global, etc). However, education research shows that introductory level students (both college and high...

View Resource Life Under Your Feet: Measuring Soil Invertebrate Diversity

This Experiment, students collect soil samples to test hypotheses about the diversity of invertebrates in soil in different places or under different conditions. Students generate their own...

View Resource Pathways to Scientific Teaching, Chapter 7c of 7: Designing research to investigate student learning

The call for evidence-based research in education has accelerated in recent years, accompanied by the need to examine the nature of inquiry into student learning. Donovan and Pellegrino (2003) make a...

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