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Guidelines For Authors: Figures and Tables

We invite ecology educators with figures and tables that can be used to teach ecological concepts at the undergraduate level to submit them for peer review and inclusion in EcoEd Digital Library

Overview of Submission Guidelines 

Review Criteria for Figures and Tables

Figure and table subjects sought for EcoEd Digital Library will include:

  • Conceptual figures depicting processes or organization, such as biogeochemical cycles and food webs. This includes theoretical figures depicting relationships predicted by theories, such as the intermediate disturbance hypothesis and island biogeography.
  • Data figures, such as growth curves, survivorship curves, and relative species abundances, that report data collected during experiments or observational studies.
  • Conceptual tables displaying comparisons or categories, such as biome characteristics and lake classification systems.
  • Data tables, such as life tables, community structure, and global estimates of net primary production, that report the results of experiments and observational studies.


We are currently accepting files in GIF or JPG format with a maximum width of 800 pixels.

Review Criteria

All submitted items are peer reviewed and selected for scientific accuracy, instructional value, and visual quality. The information provided with each submission is important for ecology educators searching for resources and deciding how to use them effectively in their courses. Therefore, both the figure and its corresponding descriptions are required for a submission to be complete.

Only submissions that meet all of the following criteria will be included in EcoEd Digital Library:

  • Quality, clarity, and appeal.
    Does the submission meet the visual standards of the collection? Is the subject easily detected in the submission? Can this figure and its underlying concept be described in terms familiar to a layperson?
  • Scientific accuracy.
    Is the science presented in the figure or table accurate? Has the ecological significance of the submission been identified in the description? Has the author included appropriate guidance for interpreting the figure or table?
  • Instructional value.
    Does the submission help foster understanding of ecological concepts/techniques? Is this submission and its underlying concept described in terms familiar to a faculty member?
  • Adherence to the field of ecology.
    Does this submission fit within the discipline of ecology?
  • Description of classroom use. Note: this is optional information for figures and tables.
    Has the author included guidance for applying the figure or table to ecology education? What should students know and be able to do after seeing and discussing the figure?

EcoEd Digital Library reviewers will use the Peer Review Rubric for Figures and Tables to review submissions.

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