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Guidelines For Authors: Learning Activities

We invite ecology educators with undergraduate learning materials for the classroom, laboratory and field that can be used to teach ecological concepts to submit them for peer review and publication in EcoEd Digital Library. Note that course syllabi are not peer reviewed, but are subject to the approval of EcoEdDL editors.

Overview of Submission Guidelines 

Review Criteria: Learning Activities


Authors should format their activity using the Learning Activities Template (.docx)

Review Criteria

Submitted items are peer reviewed and selected for scientific accuracy and instructional value. The information provided with each submission is important for ecology educators searching for resources and deciding how to use them effectively in their courses. Therefore, both the DOC file and the descriptions prompted by the online form are required for a submission to be complete.

Only submissions that meet all of the following criteria will be included in EcoEd Digital Library:

  • Adherence to the field of ecology
    Does this submission fit within the discipline of ecology?
  • Scientific accuracy.
    Is the science presented in the activity accurate?
  • Quality
    Does the submission contribute to ecology education? Has the author included appropriate guidance for other faculty who would use the activity? Are the underlying concepts described in terms familiar to a faculty member?
  • Instructional value
    Does the submission introduce students to ecological concepts, scientific techniques, and/or science as a process? is it clear what should students know and be able to do after completing the activity? Would it be useful in an undergraduate setting?

Life DiscoveryEd Digital Library reviewers will use the Peer Review Rubric for Learning Activities to review submissions.

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