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A Galapagos sea lion (Zalophus wollebaeki) nurses a pup.

In mammals, lactation has important effects on maternal and offspring fitness. Pinnipeds (fin-footed mammals) are a good mammalian group for research studies that focus on lactation because in pinniped species, the high energy investment of lactation is not complicated by paternal or alloparental care. A recent study measured 12 life history and ecological traits across pinniped species to test hypotheses concerning the influence of phylogeny, maternal body size, breeding substrate, and other factors on the evolution of lactation strategies. This photograph originally appeared on the cover of Ecological Monographs (75:2) in May of 2005.
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Discipline Specific Core Concepts
Life science discipline (subject)
Keywords nursing, lactation, parent, parental investment, reproduction
Key taxa Galapagos sea lion , Zalophus wollebaeki
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Pedagogical Use Description This photograph could be used to illustrate parental investment, lactation in mammals, a pinniped species, or reproduction.
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Primary Author Affiliation Cornell University,
Ecological Society of America
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Rights Copyright 2005 by the Ecological Society of America.
Date Of Record Submission 2008-04-16

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