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NCEP Exercise- Why is Biodiversity Important: Examples from Everyday Life

This exercise links a daily activity in your students’ lives to its biological sources. By connecting your students’ lives to biodiversity in a concrete way, the biodiversity crisis becomes present and personal, and will hopefully engage your students to identify potential solutions to these problems. While we used the example of ‘drinking coffee’ for this exercise, one could replace this example with any number of things or activities that are relevant to your students. Additional teaching materials on topics relating to biodiversity conservation and ecology can be obtained free of charge by registering at the Network for Conservation Educators and Practitioners’ website (
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Discipline Specific Core Concepts
Life science discipline (subject)
Keywords NCEP, conservation, biodiversity, coffee
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Pedagogical Use Description The objective of this exercise is to explore the importance of biodiversity in a concrete way by linking everyday activities and choices to biological sources.
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Primary Author Affiliation American Museum of Natural History
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Rights Reproduction of this material is authorized by the recipient institution for non-profit/non-commercial educational use and distribution to students enrolled in course work at the institution. Copyright 2006, by the authors of the material, with license for use granted to the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation of the American Museum of Natural History. All rights reserved.
Date Of Record Submission 2009-04-25

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