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Long Term Changes in Marine Fisheries

This Issue focuses on a research article by Barange (2003) that was published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. The article discusses long-term (inter-decadal and longer) patterns of change in marine species in the context of over-exploitation of marine fisheries. Barange’s emphasis is use of ecosystem-based management practice to move us towards sustainable fisheries. However, he questions whether we know enough about patterns and causes of long term change in marine ecosystems to develop such practices.
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Keywords TIEE, pedagogy, student active, inquiry based, biodiversity, diversity, catch, fish, fisheries, harvest, sustainable, management, sustainability
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Pedagogical Use Description Frontiers Issues are designed to help faculty use a Frontiers article in the classroom. The Barange (Frontiers, 2003) paper can be used in sections of courses dealing with fisheries, sustainable harvesting, management, biodiversity loss, and human impacts on ecosystems. In ecology texts, species abundance shifts over time (e.g., lynx and hare cycles) are usually discussed in the population ecology chapters. By working with this paper and additional figures, students will be able to appreciate the complexity of large interannual and longer-term changes in species composition and abundance.
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Rights Copyright 2004 by Charlene D'Avanzo and the Ecological Society of America.
Date Of Record Submission 2007-12-26

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