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Issues in Ecology, Issue 08: Effects of Aquaculture on World Fish Supply

This report discusses the negative and positive aspects of aquaculture as an alternative to harvesting wild stocks of fish. The report defines aquaculture and describes its recent growth, as well as its ecological impact. Practices to sustain aquaculture operations, such as habitat modification and the use of wild-caught seedstock are discussed. Changes to ocean food webs, the introduction of non-native fish and pathogens, and nutrient pollution from wastes are presented as negative consequences of aquaculture operations. The report discusses strategies to improve aquaculture, such as reducing fish meal and oil in fish feed, integrating production systems, and promoting sustainability within the industry. Issues in Ecology is an ongoing series of reports designed to present major ecological issues in an easy-to-read manner. This Issue summarizes the consensus of a panel of scientific experts based on the information that was current and available at the time of its publication in 2001.
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Resource Group This resource is part of ESA's Issues in Ecology series.
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Life science discipline (subject)
Keywords Aquaculture, Habitat, Wild-caught, food web, Non-Native Fish, Nutrient Pollution, Sustainable Aquaculture, Fish, Fisheries, Fish Food, report
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Educational Language
Pedagogical Use Description This report can be used for general information, classroom reading and discussion, and as a springboard for more information research. The report illustrates applications of ecology as it relates to our society and environment.
Primary Author Controlled Name
Primary Author Affiliation Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

Environmental Defense

Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center

Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University and the Beijer Institute

Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling

World Wildlife Fund

Department of Zoology, Oregon State University

Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University
Primary Author email n/a
Rights Copyright 2008 by Rosamond L. Naylor, Rebecca J. Goldburg, Jurgenne Primavera, Nils Kautsky, Malcolm C. M. Beveridge, Jason Clay, Carl Folke, Jane Lubchenco, Harold Mooney, Max Troell, and the Ecological Society of America.
Date Of Record Submission 2008-01-16

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