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Pool 17 along the Turure River in 2009

Picture of Pool 17 taken in 2009 along the Turure River after the mountain road had been widened. To get to the rocks along the far bank in 2005, one had to wade in waist-deep (about 3 feet) water. Now, one can simply walk across and only get wet shoes. The tripod in the photograph is only four inches on its side, half of which is above the water level. In 2005, the bottom of the stream was sandy, but the increased sediment load has produced a very soft substrate. Many fish were observed in 2005, but few were observed in 2009. The stream flows from the left to the right of the photograph.
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Resource Group Degradation of a Tropical Stream
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Discipline Specific Core Concepts
Life science discipline (subject)
Keywords Tropical rainforest, Tropical streams, Human Impact
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Educational Language
Pedagogical Use Description Used as the after picture to show the depth of a pool after the increase in sediment load of the stream filled the pool.
Primary Author Controlled Name
Primary Author Affiliation Cornell University
Department of Entomology
Ithaca, NY 14853
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Secondary Author Name(s) D. Nicholas McLetchie
Secondary Author Affiliation(s) University of Kentucky
Department of Biology
Lexington, KY 40506
Submitter Name Christopher Stieha
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Rights CC-NC-SA
Date Of Record Submission 2012-09-11

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