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Tables: Data for Tree Community Comparison Using Sample Plots

These Tables are a Microsoft Excel file of Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) and species identification of trees in paired 20 x 20 m plots, collected by students in my Ecology class over five years. Students use these data to compare tree stand characteristics such as diversity, similarity, or density.
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Keywords census, diversity index, forest, Jaccard index, plot, sample, Shannon formula, similarity index, timber, tree
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Pedagogical Use Description Many instructors want students to work with real-life ecological data, perhaps even having students collect some data. Comparing data from forest plots strengthens student’s ability to apply the process of science (identifying the difference between forest communities sampled, hypothesizing about the nature of the differences, interpreting and evaluating data). Analyzing data also improves quantitative reasoning, as students include appropriate units of measurement, and the data are transformed and compared statistically. Skills of spreadsheet use and writing are also practiced.
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Date Of Record Submission 2014-07-08

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