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Effects of frost on wildflowers: an unexpected consequence of climate change--image 11 of 22

Results of a demographic study of Helianthella quinquenervis (aspen sunflower, Asteraceae) within plots at 2,900m at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. Note that seedlings are not common in most years, and the overall population seems to be declining. The lack of seedlings in most years is a consequence of frost damage to flower buds the previous year (so no seeds were produced). The population decline is an apparent consequence of reduced seed production.
Temporal and geographic description Data for Helianthella quinquenervis (aspen sunflower, Asteraceae) in a demography study at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Colorado.
Legend (figures or tables) Number of individuals of Helianthella quinquenervis in demography plots at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. The number of seedlings each year is shown in blue and the number of older individuals is in tan.
Resource Group A slide show about the effects of frost on Colorado wildflowers at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory.
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Pedagogical Use Description The slide show could be used as part of a lecture on the consequences of climate change, or the ecology of the Rocky Mountains.
Uniqueness A common wildflower in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, but an unusually long-term demographic study.
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