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Egg size plasticity in bean beetles (Callosobruchus maculatus): Does host bean species matter?

    In this exercise, students design a series of experiments (1) to test whether female bean beetles adjust the size of their eggs on different host bean species and (2) to determine whether differences in egg size based on host bean species are optimal. Most often, students design experiments in which different females are allowed to lay eggs on different bean species that vary in nutritional quality. After approximately 6 weeks, students measure egg size, female body size, and emergence success of offspring. Experimental design and initial setup require one laboratory period. Data collection requires 1-2 laboratory periods depending on the number of eggs measured. In class, students discuss approaches to data analysis and analyze their data. Outside of class, they write a scientific paper based on their results in the format of Ecology.
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    General Biology Core Concepts
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    Life science discipline (subject)
    Keywords Egg size, phenotypic plasticity, evolution, adaptations, life history
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    Pedagogical Use Description Each student prepares a written scientific paper in the style of Ecology based on
    the pooled data from the entire class. If different laboratory groups develop and
    implement different experimental designs, groups could present posters or oral
    presentations to the rest of the class.
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    Primary Author Affiliation Department of Biology, Emory University, Atlant
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    Date Of Record Submission 2017-11-27

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